Monday, August 11, 2008

I want to explore concepts. Dissect them. I don't intend to make any sense. Sense is elitist, isn't it?

Regardless, my interests are namely imperialism, (in all its forms), hegemony, anarchy and existentialism. Studying history gives me much, but I'm only stimulated insofar as subjective empiricism goes. After all, the western historical canon is quite evidently an imperial one as well. What would Chomsky have to say about 'our' story? The beautiful narrative of international law and progress and human rights that almost all cosmopolitans subscribe to? That's something I grapple with every day. I protest. I call for action in Darfur. Yet, in discussions with friends its clear that my goals are much less decisive: its that I want awareness. The actions called for by the institutions created by 'our' story, (like the post-war U.N.) are up for debate in my mind.

I'm excited for my studies! I always seem to stress the importance of macro-histories and my ambitions as a political scientist lead me away from potential archival work, however, maybe I need to rethink that. We'll see....
Anyway. I'm in a really fascinated personal state right now and I need to express that beyond the realm of ink on a page. It's pure, energetic liminality that I'm faced with every day. Like China?