Sunday, May 31, 2009

1990. Progress. Plaid.

There's something unique about the 1990s. Pop culture in the west all of a sudden got moody. With the triumph of democracy, technically there should have been some sort of reaffirmation of the values that had been so carefully charted out in the mainstream since the 1950s. To be sure, there were many deviations (see Splendor in the Grass or Rebel Without A Cause, both films exploring the difficulties encountered during liminal periods in young people's adaption to the American Dream). But apart from some ridiculous exceptions (such as Clueless- exceptional film, I might add!) both film and music in post-Cold War America was defeatist if not borderline existentialist. Most of what was available to young people in the way of entertainment in the mid-1990s was dark, introspective and, (here's the kicker) relevant! Before P.Diddy, there was Public Enemy. Not all was so peachy in inner-city America- rappers made sure that was known. Before Chris Martin, there was Kurt Cobain. Not everyone looked on the bright side of the speed of sound. Now, this isn't some sort of great discovery on my behalf of course. But I've always appreciated and felt attached to these aspects of popular culture in the 90s.

One of my favourite films, REALITY BITES!

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