Thursday, July 30, 2009

Books and Characters: calling all historians.

Disclaimer: do not read this post if you aren't a really big geek.

MOST interesting characters at the archives today. The old man who sat behind me repeatedly exclaimed random words from the documents he was reviewing. "Krieg!!" "1942!!" "Vereinbarung mit der Sowjetunion!" "Gewerkschaft!" I tried with ALL of my might not to burst into hysterical giggles. Not to mention, he smelled like urine. Oh, and that's not all. The youngest archivist, whose sexual orientation I can't seem to gage, was drunk. He seemed so excited to see me: "Hallo! Frau Wiesen!" So when I asked him to fetch me these files, he came back with the wrong ones, only to stumble out of the room again.

Tomorrow is my last day in Berlin, and I've got to say, I'm going to miss the oddness of this place and its people. But alas, I must return to my second home, the library at the London School of Economics and Politics.

I miss Weldon. The last few days of my undergrad, some dear, like-minded friends and I decided a photo-shoot in our 'house' would be just the thing to finish off the year. My feeling is that, the more industrial the library, the more efficient I am. I suppose it would be entirely different if I was studying English literature or something equally romantic. But oh no. Onto empiricism, tables and graphs! Enough to make any historian shiver, really. And that's the thing...I feel like I've become a real historian. I balk at the thought of enumerating trade data, as opposed to diplomatic exchanges. The latter, which includes personality quirks, childish behavior, (see King of Spain, telling Chavez to 'shutup') and general madness, shape what we plebs understand as international relations. It's bloody brilliant.

Best example of what I'm talking about. Chavez verbally bitch-slapping Bush. Wonderful. Posterity will be grateful for Youtube. THIS is the future of history:

Here's the Weldonia, a fortress of greatness.


ps. I'm really cool.

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