Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOVE-ly photography

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London-based photographer, Chris Craymer, has received the support of a pretty intense handbag company, Mulberry, to make something exquisite: a photo-essay of love! He's compiled his pieces in a new book, appropriately titled: 'Romance'. I really like this image. The couple has a total sense of liminality about them. It appears as though they are no longer simply 'dating', but at the same time probably not ready to admit that they are head-over heels in love with each other, either. It's that transition period between 'I'm in like with you' and 'I'm in love with you' that is just as sweet as anything else. Some would argue, the sweetest. 

Considering the fact that I've been dealing with the rather taxing 'History of Sexuality' all day, I'd like to leave Foucault behind before I go to bed, and restore my faith in human agency when it comes to 'falling in love'. Thanks Chris. I don't think I'll spend the 35 quid on it, though. When I can find it at a vintage shop 30 years from now... ya.... maybe then. 

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abhi said...

really nice pic as the name implies